Guest Services


The website or automated phone line not quite answering your questions? The Birmingham Theatre provides a Guest Service representative to answer all general questions from movie show times and availability, movie theatre events, pricing questions or perhaps a movie suggestion.

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(248) 723-6230 - Birmingham Theatre

Friendly and welcoming Guest Service representatives are committed
to assisting guests in any way possible.

Code of Conduct

The Birmingham Theatre expects our guests to display courteous, respectful public etiquette so all guests can enjoy the theatre experience as it is meant to be. In order to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all theatre guests, those entering the Birmingam Theatre agree to conduct themselves in accordance with the following policies:


The use of camcorders or any recording device (which is also illegal and a felony offense), cellular phones, text messaging and/or communicating in any manner that disturbs other guests is strictly prohibited in any auditorium.
No outside food and beverage.
No feet on back of seats.
No playing on escalators or elevators.
No running in the theatre or lobby areas.
Disturbing other guests via talking, use of cell phones, or any other distractive behavior.

Failure to abide by policy is cause for immediate escort from the premises without a refund. The purchase of an admission ticket constitutes acceptance of the aforementioned policies.